Commissioning Casts & Copies


After viewing the painting, I will prepare the materials for the painting and arrange delivery of the picture, which will be copied in my studio.

We would need to discuss framing after the picture is finished, and I would include a later visit to varnish the picture if it’s an oil painting. Where a lot of travel is involved, the costs will be higher. In addition, costs of accurate colour photographs where necessary (if the original cannot be supplied) would have to be charged for.

There would also have to be information attached to the painting to indicate that it was a copy.

Cast drawings

My teacher’s teacher, R.H. Ives Gammell, came up with an extraordinary and somewhat surreal approach to cast drawing. He placed the drawing board right next to the cast and stepped back to his “point of view” from which he recorded every blip and shape until there was no visual disturbance when flicking the eyes to and fro the cast and drawing. The resulting drawings, or grisaille paintings, have an interesting quality as well as being records.