Commissioning a Painting of your House

scan1On my preliminary visit, I’ll take some photos for reference and later comparison and a watercolour sketch.

After agreeing the type and form of the painting, I will prepare the materials for the painting and arrange some possible dates to paint on site. This will be influenced by weather and availability of access.
I aim to produce a beautiful and valuable art work, which will appreciate in value and be a proud possession. Of particular importance to me is establishing a dynamic composition, with sometimes an unexpected emphasis. So the painting of Stockton Manor (see Gallery) shows the Yew Topiary very prominently – I found this one of the most interesting elements of the view of the house.

We would need to discuss framing after the picture is finished, and I would include a later visit to varnish the picture if it’s an oil painting. Where a lot of travel is involved, the costs will be higher.

scan24         Whitsbury Cross

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